Snake Robot Shenanigans

A Blog About Shape-Based Traversal of A Robotic Snake On An Uneven Terrain

Getting Posterized

Developing the research poster for the 2018 ORS Spring Symposium

Getting in your face

Interfacing between the functionality of the push primitive behavior and the coordinator design.

The belly of the beast

Trying to tie the behaviors together and providing sketches for the snake belly design.

Chopping it up

Breaking down push primitive scenarios to identify locations for leveraging the environment.

Getting closer inch by inch

Reformatting the push primitive to incorporate the inch strategy.

We aren't finished here just yet.

Adding the alternative push primitive strategies to the threaded script.

Caution! Items in the model view may be closer than they appear.

Correcting start and stop conditions for the push threading script.

M & Ms (not the candy but Motion and Modeling)

Engaging the push primitive and modeling the push primitive in real time.

The Return

Resuming research after the holiday break.

Recovery From Thanksgiving Itis

Resuming the project after the holiday break.

Let's Play Peekaboo

Unveiling the concept of my new method for the Environment Model class.

Snakey knits a blanket

Threading the tasks of the project together.